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    The Bahamas is a chain of seven hundred tiny islands just off the Florida coast, which
    mixes British Colonial charm with the laid-back lifestyle of the Caribbean. It's easy to get
    around, since there are jitneys that run all day, and taxis which can be called
    or flagged. During the American Revolution the Bahamas were attacked and the capital of Nassau
    was briefly captured by American Naval forces. All of the Bahamas islands are flat and
    low, with hills rising no more than 925 silver 50 or 60 feet in altitude; so the
    climate is tropical and balmy, warmed by the Gulf Stream in winter (although the fall
    hurricane season is not always the best time for Bahamas vacation rentals). Originally the
    population consisted of Taino Indians who moved there from Cuba and Hispaniola in the 800's
    AD, and numbered about 30,000 at the time when Christopher Columbus landed in 1492. In
    an effort to establish order the English government made Bahamas a crown colony in Nike Requin 1718,
    and waged a long but eventually successful war against the pirates. When the American Revolution
    ended, over 7,000 Loyalists fled to Bahamas taking their slaves with them, and they established
    plantations. The Spanish who followed Columbus enslaved most of the natives and removed them to
    other islands, so that the Bahamas was uninhabited until the mid-1600's when British adventurers from
    Bermuda colonized the main islands in the chain.The islands soon came to be a lair
    for Caribbean pirates, including Blackbeard. Travelers to Bahamas are required to have passports (note that
    all inclusive resorts Bahamas include free passports in their offers) and a return ticket.The perfect
    Caribbean vacation starts at all inclusive resorts Bahamas. It was from this time that the
    population of Bahamas became mostly African descendants. The population of a third of a
    million is about 85% black, 12% white, and 3% Hispanic and Asian. It is recommended
    that visitors bring comfortable, casual attire including sandals for the beach and sneakers fo
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